The ever changing climate of esthetics toward medical based skin care has made it imperative for advanced estheticians to join forces to seek knowledge from reputable science based sources.  Researching a skin care line, a treatment device or simply learning about new clinical and spa applications has become difficult because branding and marketing can be confusing.  Quality education in the esthetic industry is becoming increasingly more scarce.  Master estheticians are part of a skin care team and must be comfortable with their peers.

Health care offices are digressing from traditional medicine and expanding by adding med spas. New technology in the use of cosmetic lasers and medical light based devices are being introduced into the medical offices and physicians are looking for trained master estheticians that are competent in their field. Unfortunately, standardization of esthetic curriculum in advanced training programs is not found. Career advancement in master esthetics depends on keeping up to date with the scientific breakthroughs in the field of medical aesthetics. Master estheticians just like physicians, nurses and other health professionals must have a gold standard association that offers  members  a broad array of skin care topics with the assurance that the source of the information is non biased and scientifically sound.

Networking is a must in this profession but quality networking opportunities are either non science based or not pertinent to the profession. The master esthetician deserves quality workshops and the  American Association of Master Estheticians is your organization for  learning and obtaining relevant medical based continuing education. Keep abreast of cutting edge treatments that are medical based as well as new cosmetic medical devices and products by having organized meetings with your peers. Mingle with physicians, nurses and other master estheticians at learning workshops. The American Association of Master Estheticians is your organization to help you stay up to date in the industry setting you apart from the rest.