Reasons to belong to your professional association

Reasons to belong to your professional association

Every beauty and health care professional benefits from being a member of a related  association.  Many hours are spent in esthetic school learning unsurmountable curriculum pertaining to basic skin anatomy,  skin care, and product lines. Just when you complete the program and successfully pass your state esthetic boards, you are now licensed to be part of the work force. What to do next is the biggest challenge. The reality of entering the job arena to the newly graduated master esthetician can at times be lonely.

Joining your professional association provides  a means of networking with your former classmates and master estheticians in the community. It is always a great idea to share business ideas, comment on products you are using and techniques that work or don't work for you.

 Continuing education is a must to keep you abreast with the ever changing technology of the medical esthetic field. Association membership always includes discounted and complimentary opportunities to learn. Hands on workshops are abundant in quality professional associations. This experience enhances your clinical skills and adds to your fund of knowledge.  

Membership in  professional esthetic associations comes with a set calendar of events which may be certifications in topics such as micro needling, chemical peel systems, or refresher courses on topics you may have become rusty on after esthetic  school but what to introduce into your spa.

Burn out is common in any profession and association membership allows you to stay grounded and content in your field. Quarterly meetings with guest speakers who are experts in the field are scheduled to speak to your association, always keeping you in the loop of cutting edge technology in the medical spa industry.

Business management is another reason to become a member of your professional association. Subjects such as staff issues, challenges in start up spas and simply how to set up your spa website and marketing ideas are just a few pearls your association has to offer their members.

Of course being a member of your professional association does not always have to be work related. Mixers and social after hour events with your esthetic peers is always fun to look forward to and is often arranged by your association. Get on board and become an association member. It will enrich you personally and professionally allowing you to achieve your dream of becoming a knowledgeably and well respected master esthetician.

Published on April 1, 2016.