The importance of knowing your state regulations

The importance of knowing your state regulations

The esthetic license comes with the responsibly of knowing your scope of practice. Unfortunately the esthetic scope varies from state to state and ignorance is not bliss in this industry.  Whether you plan to set up your own spa or work for a spa owner , you must know the state law and who governs your license. For example in the State of Washington, The Washington State  Department of Licensing  governs your scope of practice and it is the licensee’s responsibility to understand what is required. There are two licenses in Washington , the basic esthetic license and the Master Esthetic License which was established in 2014.

Advanced procedures such as operation of cosmetic  lasers and medical light sources require proper medical professional supervision. If you are operating cosmetic lasers and did not exercise your right  to grandfather your basic esthetic license during 2014, you are required to enroll in an additional 450 hour program and pass a written and practical examination to be properly licensed to perform advanced procedures.

California is totally different in their licensing  requirements. Estheticians in California do not have the opportunity to practice advanced procedures  because as of this date they do not have a master esthetic license or an alternative. I was recently at an esthetic conference in California and was told by several estheticians that in addition to a California license, some cities have individual licenses . One practicing esthetician claims that violations and fines are given out often because of non compliance with the city licensing fees.

Maintaining or starting a new spa business inevitably has rules to follow to maintain  state compliance.  Established  protocol from name tags to framed original licenses with a photo attached  are just some of the rules  mandated by each state licensing board. Ignorance of these laws can lead to fines and public posting of your violations on the state website. In the State of Washington, proper display of the esthetic license is imperative and enforced by  unannounced inspections.

The latest state to implement rules regarding proper training for advanced estheticians is the state of Oregon. Coming soon for Oregon will be the Certified Advanced Esthetician License which will be in full effect mid 2016.

Be in tune to  your state license board  for any updates or future changes in  the scope of practice. Being a  proactive esthetic professional can save you time and money.

Published on April 5, 2016.